Specialist in Neck, Back & Sports Injuries


Graduated from Bournemouth with BSc in physiotherapy in 2014 courses in taping acupuncture and manipulations interests include lower back pain and functional rehabilitation. has experience in multiple sporting areas. Jack is also a member of Football Association Medical Society.

My interest in physiotherapy started from a young age as I was always exercising as well as pushing people to achieve their goals. After graduating from Bournemouth University, I completed rotations in the hospital including amputee rehabilitation, management of respiratory conditions in intensive care and post-operative care. From this experience I learnt a lot about medical conditions but I knew this wasn't my passion. I decided to specialise in an area I always found most interesting, in sports rehabilitation and musculoskeletal conditions.
There are lots of parts of my job I enjoy from constantly learning new things, involving my hobbies and interests in my work but most importantly, meeting new people and working with them to help them to achieve their goals.

As a keen sportsman I enjoy all sports but my favourites include football, boxing, martial arts, swimming, motorbikes, golf and the gym. I always like to push myself so I often try new activities which gives me a better understanding of how to manage my clients to ensure my treatment continuously aims towards your goal.

Therapist Qualifications

  BSc in Physiotherapy
  BMAS- acupuncture Course
  Certificate in sports taping
 Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation
  Certificate in spinal manipulation