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5 Main pointers to increase your strength.

1. Be Realistic
The world is all about instant gratification these days, but strength does not work that way. Even when things are going perfect, you can only gain strength so fast. Yes, this varies from person to person and situation to situation, but building serious strength can take years to gain. Accepting this will help you stay on track and not constantly change goals as you get frustrated.

2. Technique
When you’re stuck in a plateau or your strength gains are stunted, the best place to start is with technique. Over the next few posts, we’ll cover the correct technique for the main big compound lifts which will help you get strong through other activities and hobbies you may have too! Technique is paramount for staying safe whilst training and staying efficient in your movements.

3. The Weakest Link
You’re only as strong as your weakest link. In most cases, lifters tend to see this from a muscle or muscle group standpoint. This is very true because of the weakest muscles used during the lift limit the amount of weight we can lift. Because of this, once we’ve converted the correct technique we will be covering the best accessory movements to finish your workouts off with so you minimize weak areas and skyrocket your results!

4. Consistency
One of, if not the most important point of this post is consistency. If you want to lift a lot, you have to lift a lot! What we mean is, in order to increase your strength you need steady progressive overload, gradually increasing either the weight or volume overtime for a long time.

5. Recovery
We break ourselves down training and we get stronger when we recover from training. Recovery is not a passive thing we have no control over. In fact, we have an enormous amount of control over it. We can do recovery training sessions. We can control what and how much we eat. We can control how much and what activities we do outside the gym. We can control the quality and the amount of sleep we get. We should put just as much intensity into our recovery as we do our training. We will make sure to cover the best ways to recover for maximum performance in the gym!